AgVerse is a farmer centric Agritech Startup

We are creating a dairy ecosystem powered by Data Driven Decisions, Timely Interventions and delivering maximum value to Farmers

We are creating a dairy ecosystem powered by Data Driven Decisions,Timely
Interventions and delivers maximum value to Farmers



Our Vision
To make livestock farming a profitable, sustainable and remunerative activity by using a smart mix of technologies and approaches.


Our Mission
To ease and improve the dairy farming operations by facilitating smart dairy management through innovative, affordable and convenient technologies.


Livestock is an integral part of agricultural economy. It contributes to approx 27% of agriculture GVA and is much less dependent on climate, weather, etc. Of the 12 crore farmers, 9.6 crore indulge in livestock. Approximately 70% of livestock is controlled by small farmers for whom livestock is the only earning asset.

Thus Livestock farming has the potential to contribute in truly doubling of farmer’s income.

At Agverse we are reshaping the livestock farming by deploying the best of the technologies in the most simple and effective ways. We believe that the right mix of technologies can bring out efficient manifestation of the four pillars of dairy – Feeding, Breeding, Weeding and Heeding.


Intelligent AI Gun – gAi TM

gAi or a “Gun for AI with Intelligence” is our first product. It is an advanced AI gun with a built in video endoscope. The gAi assists veterinarians and para-veterinarians with a real time view to enable a perfect AI procedure.


  • Increases AI Success Rates
  • Reduces cost of AI Programs
  • Integral design, Easy Setup and Start-up
  • Small, Portable & Effective design offers best visualization of orifices in farm animals
  • Strong, Durable design to endure even the most difficult anatomy
  • Single Hand Operation

To Purchase the product or make the payment online, please check the link below



Mr Priyank Saxena

Founder & Director  

Priyank is an Electrical Engineer by degree.
He has a Masters in Signal Processing from IISc,Bangalore and an MBA from IIM,Bangalore.

During his 20 year of Industry Experience Priyank has worked across industries and has developed many cutting edge products. His product experience includes satellite communication, personal entertainment, mobile handsets, sports broadcasting, and medical devices. He has worked with star startups like InfraEyes, Uvaca, Diginoc, Freescale, Prairiecomm, Ionic, Ishoni, and Signion systems.

Dr Arzad Kherani

Technical Consultant  

Arzad obtained ME and PhD from IISc. An ex-faculty at IIT Delhi.

Arzad obtained ME and PhD from IISc. An ex-faculty at IIT Delhi, he has worked on broad areas of Computer networks, Queueing systems, Wireless communications. He has also worked in industry (General Motors R&D, Broadcom, Samsung, Hubble Connected) for a decade and gained experience with product conceptualization, product design and development, industrial R&D and standardization. He is currently an Associate Professor at IIT Bhilai.

Mentors and Advisors

Mr Barker N. B.

Technical Advisor  

Founder, Savtoa Technologies

Dr T K Mohanty

Technical Advisor  

Principal Scientist, AR Division, ICAR-NDRI Karnal

Dr S K Singh

Technical Advisor  

Principal Scientist, AR Division, ICAR-IVRI Bareilly

Mr Amit Mittan

Technical Advisor  

Country Manager, Agroy Group

Dr R V Suresh

Technical Advisor  

Professor & Univ Head, SVV University, Tirupati

Supported by

a-IDEA Hyderabad

R-ABI IVRI Izatnagar

VCH - Bengaluru



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